The First One

The idea of writing my first post has caused me way too much anxiety in the last couple of hours. I’m all like what do I write? It has to be good so people will want to keep reading and I don’t want it to be boring but what if I AM BORING but if I’m boring then why I am I even writing and then I realized I don’t really care what people think. I mean I do care cause I genuinely don’t enjoy offending people. Well depending on what day it is or what time of day really, but overall on a general basis I prefer for people to enjoy my presence so I decided my first post will be more of a disclaimer… More of a post about me so people will know what they’re getting into early on.. Actually no, a warning label. (Warning labels should be on everything because that would just be so helpful, like WARNING: this guy is generally annoying and talk entirely too much and smells like he bathes once every other week. Then you would know to stay way!) So yeah.



The purpose of this blog is to document myself and shit around me that I think about or stuff in my life I want to get in writing so I don’t forget because my memory is absolutely terrible. I intend on being blunt and honest while attempting to maintain some dignity and if I offend I am sorry. Kind of. Really only slightly cause if I write something offensive and you don’t like it why would you read it?


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