Why Master Chef Junior Hurts Feelings

I’ve never in my life watched a cooking show until a little over a week ago when while pursuing through one of our various streaming apps my daughter came across Master Chef Junior. She must’ve put on out of pure boredom because she’s not into cooking at all, at most she can make a hard boiled egg, nor does she ever have motivation to do as much as warm things up in the microwave (living with grandma enables laziness to degrees I didn’t even know existed – trust me on this). 

As usual whenever she puts on a new show I’m completely not interested in watching, I find myself somehow enthralled in this show and become completely enamored with one character or another. Jenna’s from NY so I want her to Win. Corey is so cute and small I want him to win. And Jimmy just has this quiet swag about him. But of course one by one I find all the kids I care about off the show never to be seen again so by the time we get to the end of the semi-finale I am pretty much devastated due to the sheer cruel nature of this show. Gordon Ramsey is always talking about how proud they should be for making it so far and blah blah blah but I can only imagine how I’d feel as Jenna is in complete tears. Going home a failure when you were so close. Living the rest of your life knowing how you’d gotten so close to victory and I’m assuming there aren’t any second chances. 

So I turn to my daughter and practically yelling I say, “You see?! This is why Game of Thrones is so much better! On Game of Thrones people aren’t losing a competition to go home a failure and wallow in their misery of being a loser. They just get their head chopped off and BAM it’s over. I’d rather get my head chopped off then deal with failure like this. These poor kids have to remember this for the rest of their lives! It’s so mean!” 

And of course she’s laughing at me and commenting about my being dramatic because children shouldn’t get their heads chopped off on live television, or at all really. But can you imagine what that would do for their ratings?


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