My Mood Meter


After last weekends meltdown, and several conversations with the people around me, I have come to the conclusion that I should keep track of my moods daily, as well as my cycle. So I’ve dedicated my New Yorker calendar just for that and I’ve also decided to create my own personal mood meter in order to truly describe how I’m feeling about my day. Here it is:

  1. I really want to die. I hate my life. Nobody understand me.
  2. Everything is awful
  3. I don’t have enough spoons today
  4. Rather be under a rock somewhere but I can still function I would prefer if people didn’t engage me in conversation but I can mostly carry one
  5. Pretty mellow & indifferent. Life tends to suck but it can be good too.
  6. Better than 5. Worse than 7.
  7. This is what I think “normal” people usually feel like.
  8. Feeling pretty good. So much to appreciate.
  9. Everything is awesome.
  10. Fucking ecstatic. Life is amazing.

This along with some mood meter app I found should be enough to catalog my rollercoaster moods enough so that when I finally see a shrink I can have enough documentation to walk out with the meds I want.


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