Muscle relaxed attitude

A little over a year ago I slipped on one of my dear doggys’ toys. A cartoon style fall with legs in the air and landed straight on my back. Since then, every once in a while, I have killer back pains that if left uncheck makes even breathing unbearable.

Well the pain has returned. Mild for the past few days. So I refilled my prescription (which really means I called my pharmacist and begged him to send me more because I absolutely hate going to the doctor which requires a copay and always ends up with a bill in the mailbox, especially when all I need is a refill) and now I’m grumpy. I don’t understand why it makes me so irritable but I suppose I blame it on the drowsy effect of it. But it’s such a crappy drowsy because it’s not easy to fall asleep because I’m too busy wanting to rip everyone’s face off. It also makes my skin feel uncomfortable. Really rather unpleasant for someone who loves being high. Fuck you cyclobenzaprine.

Work is going to be a bitch tomorrow.


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