A Mother-daughter Chat

One day after an uncomfortable situation my daughter asks me why women get their periods. The conversation went like this:

A: mom, why do women bleed? Like why do we get our periods?

Me: you already know this. You read it in the book I gave you.

A: that was like a year ago how am I suppose to remember?

Me: *sigh* okay, basically when a girl is born she is born with all the eggs she needs for her entire life. Once a month an egg travels down and if it doesn’t meet with a sperm then it comes out in your period.

A: *eyes opened widely* you mean to tell me my babies are dying?! Oh my god mom my babies are dying!!!! 

She then hugs me in a dramatic way complete with fake sobs. I am so hysterical with laughter it’s amazing.

A child can truly be the best gift. They also so say the darnedest things!


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