Sneaker Culture Influences Ignorance

Sneakerhead. Sneaker addict. Hype beast. Fuccboii.

This is the ladder into the depths that is the sneaker culture these days it seems. Normally, in a society as materialistically wealthy as ourselves, it seems plausible to expect to be able to walk into a sneaker store for a pair of sneakers you want, wait on a reasonably lengthy line, purchase them and go home. Not to mention they should also be reasonable priced, scaled on the quality of the shoe, rather than the name.

But Nooooooo. How foolish that would be to even fathom such a thing?

No not at all.

If you want the biggest sneaker of the year, every sneakerhead/sneakeraddict/hypebeast/fuccboii dream,- the Yeezy Boost 350’s – then expect to wait on line,


in below freezing temperature,

in the snow,

for anywhere from 30 minutes to over two hours,

for a ticket,

just for the small chance that maybe, just maybe, you may be lucky enough to win a pair.

This is absolutely insane. With the technology we have there are much simpler, more convenient, cost-effective, and less frost-bite inducing ways to raffle off sneakers!

The big footlocker on 34th street had people entering 3 people at a time while 3 employees wrote down the information for each individual, as every other sneaker store did, but in a way which had much down time between each group of three, completely giving no fucks whatsoever, about all the people, mostly young adults, who were outside in the fucking cold for the slight glimmer of a fucking chance to get these sneakers and be the cool kid.

We are raising sheep. People should not be on line in these conditions for a product from a self-centered artist who makes millions while his fans suffer. Kanye’s such a genius, why doesn’t he raffle them off using his own personal app? Probably because he, along with big money grubbing, corporations like footlocker, don’t really give a shit about the people. They want to make us work, and suffer, for the holy grail of sneakers.

Well fuck you Kanye.

And fuck you even more footlocker.


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