Assisted Suicide


WARNING: This post contains spoilers!

Me before You, a Jojo Moyes novel (and soon to be movie) is amazingly written and while the story may be about a woman falling in love with a man there is a bigger question being brought up. Is assisted suicide okay? And if you don’t try to stop someone are you an accessory to their murder?

Will is a quadriplegic who once enjoyed living on the edge but after getting hit by a motorcycle while crossing the street he has to adapt to a completely different life but refuses to, even when finding love and happiness. His life, to him, is not his own and he refuses to accept it as such and instead travels to Switzerland where he can go to Dignitas, a place where he can die by choice.

Throughout the novel you hear a lot of talk from both the main character, and non-existent ones, about the stigma attached to assisted suicide, and how every life is valuable, and one shouldn’t be allowed to kill oneself. Many people have known someone who’s committed suicide. I myself have been through times where it seems like the best option, shit I even know exactly how I want to do it but that’s beside the point. I think we should all have a right to our own body, and our own lives, regardless of age and disability.

If I want to die why shouldn’t I be allowed to. And why not make it less traumatizing for the ones around? Rather then an impulse decision where a person flings themselves off a building or overdoses on drugs, maybe there should be clinics available where people have to go through a waiting period, with therapy, and upon completion, with a plan in action, if they still want to die then let them, painlessly and without judgment. Why should a person be forced to suffer against their own will?


One thought on “Assisted Suicide

  1. The ASH newsgroup has existed for years and only now people are waking up to assisted suicide?

    Still, I’m glad this is coming to mainstream attention. I’m glad this novel is gaining attention and even a film is made about it. The MC isn’t even terminally ill! Who knows, maybe soon everyone will be able to kill themselves if they wish so.

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