Rejection (is the beginning of something else)

So I got rejected by my first choice grad school – Pace University. I’m not surprised nor am I nearly as upset as I expect I would be. I half-assed the application and don’t think I really have the qualifications for it. However, I really do want to get into that program so I won’t be giving up!!

Instead I’ve decided to apply to two Masters programs and then once I’m done there I can reapply for Pace. 

Maybe it’s not my time yet. Or maybe that’s not really the path I’m meant to be on and at some point along the way I’ll find myself on that path.

I really don’t know but what I do know is so far in my life I have been so fortunate and everything seems to work out for the best, ultimately. So, cheers to a reflection and the beginning of something else.

Now I just better not fucking get rejected by the other two school I applied for…

P.S. What in the hell is this optimism and motivation I would wonder except I have to assume it’s the Abilify! It might actually be working folks! Whoop whoop 🙂


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