6 AM Ramblings

6 A.M and I am awake. To highlight how unusual this is let me tell you this; on my own I usually wake after 10-11 A.M. Why am I awake? I’m not sure except for the fact that I have such an anxiety sleeping. I don’t know if it’s me or the Abilify. I only went to sleep last night because I know I have to sleep, because I was sleepy and didn’t feel like doing anything, and I also had a migraine.

My dreams have been becoming vivid lately. The night before last I dreamt that my left eye  (eyeball) had become entirely black. Consulting google, I find this:

A black eye may represent an inner conflict; an argument you had with someone; or an insult or bruised ego or character.


Inner conflict? Duh. There’s definitely a lot of that happening.

My eyes were also wide open so for that it says:

Dreams about eyes may be referring to your sense of sight, your perception of the world around you or your insight

I’m definitely struggling with my perception of the world around me and life in general; teetering between everything is awesome and why am I still here.

I miss sleeping easy.




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